“Alita” Sash Belt
“Alita” Sash Belt“Alita” Sash Belt“Alita” Sash Belt“Alita” Sash Belt“Alita” Sash Belt“Alita” Sash Belt“Alita” Sash Belt

“Alita” Sash Belt


Our gorgeous hand sewn sash belts are truly stunning. Our “Alita” sash belt design features clusters of  hand sewn satin and chiffon flowers.  We have also added hand sewn leaf bead work and added a rhinestone center.  Our  sash belts can be worn as a standard sash belt or worn tied as a head wrap.


Product Description

This beautiful sash belt is available in a wide array of color options. At check out please note the colors you are looking for. Specify colors for flower 1, flower 2, flower 3, flower 4 and satin belt. Upon receiving your order – we will email you to confirm the color details.

Please note: Our rhinestone centers can vary depending upon availability.


How it works:

  1. Select the size you need.
  2. At check out leave ALL customization specifications you would like.
  3. We will email you prior to starting your custom order and will discuss any changes you need and discuss fabric options, colors, and any other details that are needed to complete your order.
  4. Do not see what you need? Simply use the Custom Order form to request a complete custom.

When renting a B+L item – we ask that you DO NOT try to clean our product(s). We understand accidents happen! Most normal wear/tear is not an issue. B+L cleans and repairs any prior damage to an item(s) before shipping. We make notes of any imperfections in each item(s) prior to you receiving. Should there be any damages occurred during your rental duration and the item(s) is damaged beyond repair, B+L reserves the right to charge up to 200% of the retail or market value of an item(s), depending on the replacement cost. You AGREE to all terms upon placing an order.
What we recommend:
  1. REFRAIN from any drinks/food/body makeup, body makeup/spray tanning when using our item(s). PLEASE refrain from spray tanning day before or DAY OF event. Spray tanning solutions stain the satin of the bodice and can NOT be removed/cleaned. Body makeup is also prohibited when renting our item/s. Body make up also is very hard to clean/remove from the bodice. 
  2. REFRAIN from USE of our garments in or near water or mud.
  3. REFRAIN from excessive play (running, jumping) in order to prevent unpreventable rips and tears.
  4. REFRAIN from IRONING our item(s). Should you need to remove wrinkles we recommend a professional steaming system OR hanging item(s) in a bathroom with hot shower running. By hanging the item(s) in a hot room-this will help allow the wrinkles to fall. We also suggest fluffing the item out, and letting hang 1 day prior to use.
  6. REFRAIN from using a steamer as some fabrics are very sensitive and can be burned.
  7. REFRAIN from wearing rental item(s) while getting hair/makeup done. 
  8. REFRAIN from wearing rental item(s) for shoots with animals. Unfortunately if we have future rentee who are allergic to certain animals it is very hard for us to get dander out of fabrics.  We do our best to clean but it can not always be guarantee. 
  9. Please pick up the skirting if renting a dress. This helps to keep the underneath of the skirting from picking up any dirt/grease/grass stains etc. It is important to lift the skirt of the dress from the sides-or pick up from the floor and lift up to carry. 
  10. Please be cautious of where and how you sit. We ask that you lift the garment off of the floor and try to tuck under your buttocks in most cases in order to keep the skirting safe from tearing on nails. hooks etc. 

We understand things truly do happen.  But we ask that you PLEASE be cautious with how our item/s are used. We want you to enjoy your rental – but we ask that you please follow the guidelines above to ensure that B+L item/s arrive back to us in the condition they were sent to you in. Rental items are NOT “NEW” items therefor some normal wear and tear will occur on some pieces. We note all minor wear and tear of each item/s before we ship them. To AVOID any damage penalties that occur during your rental – we just ask that you please note the ABOVE recommendations. 

Additional Information


Child, Teen-Adult


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